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Studying and Examination.

Assalamualaikum and hye readers :)

Okayy first of all, each parents will work harder to send their children to go to school just because they want us to be the best among the best. am i right ? haha . okay i know it sounds 'annoying', it was like.. "omg this nerdy girl, always keep talking about the same things. study, SPM, study, SPM, stressed, and so on . damn it! is she have a deadlock bout her future huh? gilaa betul lah. macam dah takde benda lain je yang boleh di cakap." okayy dah stop ! haha . korang fikir macam tu eyh ? okayy i am so sorry i just wanna shared with you guys what am i thinking but if you feel you'll waste your time by readings all those of my entries, it's okayy . i dont give you a damn :) 

nahh here we go.. i know studying can be a pain . one thing you have to remember is to study a little every day . people get very stressed out one day before the test because they have to study the whole chapter in one day, just for a few paper per subject . is that soooooooo BORING ? so do i . i admit that i'll always be such a GOOD girl, which is i'll be a bookworm just a few days before the day of the exam . how could i do that ! *tak percaya* . buat kerja suka tangguh2 sebab tu lah jadi cenggini . mula2, pasang niat memang nak baca buku . well you know, setan kan keliling badan . kalau nampak memang aku ketuk dye dengan tukul besi . kan3 ? haha . 

now i just wanna share some tips that i've heard so many times before this and i'm sure that you'll be deadly in love with this tips *mata di atas, tangan di bahu* . first of all is, after school every day; study the part that you've learned in class . when the test comes, you aleady know most of it . studying for the test should not be as hard . when you keep everything to the last minutes, you'll get stressed out about what to study and not to study . i think most people study right before night of test day rather than study little by little after the class . and i've done same thing as i told here :) BUT, when you study a little every day, Insya-Allah you're not gonna stressed out the day before the test . also when you study for the test it is like review because you know most of it . it will be such a simple thing when you're absolutely good in arranging your time . *okayy dah boleh jadi pensyarah*

# you should never do this . when you don't know the answer to a question, just try to make your best guess but don't always choose "C" . not all the answer are same !
- okayy sampai sini je . Wish you all the best for your exam ;) -