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No matter how hard things may seem, don't feel down, and don't give up. The clouds will clear, and there are brighter days ahead. InsyaAllah

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my first post (:

okay heyy peeps ! im new here (: will be taking SPM for next year . pray for me kay . well im just an ordinary girl like the others . that is the most important thing that i want you to know . to be honest actually sy tk de niat langsung pun nak buat blog nie  . seriously, haha . and fyi, nie semua atas paksaan leeya muhd nizam yg beriya-iya sangat nak suruh sy buat blog . tak tahu lah kenapa kann . and i'd really2 no idea what to do with this blog yg sudah terlanjur ade nie . i dont think so its gonna work . but i'll try my best, promise :D haha . im here just for fun . cause im not the type of girl yg rajin nak keluarkan idea untuk bnd2 nie semua . actually blog is good to those who are love to write an essay . but not me (: and i want to be remebered as a girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken . nak jadi jugak ? jom lah join sy . i am not hypocrite and not perfect, so do know me as who i am . and please, DO NOT judge me based on your ignorance ! i love who i am . nothing gonna change me . tak puas hati ? nahh . sikit pun saya tak kisah lah . okay daa <3 love, fara . xoxo